Project Description
Decoupled message passing framework.

A simple framework for sending messages between objects. Useful in highly decoupled systems where traditional .NET event patterns are undesirable.

Support for WPF, Silverlight, and WP7. Optional add on DLL provides Reactive Exentions (Rx) supports. Full suite of unit tests to show usage of each platform.

Blog post series:

NOTE: the Sample Project is built using WPF and the Solution format is VS2010. If you don't have VS2010 you can pull down the Courier project and add the source files to a new project in VS2008 and everything should work fine. Currently there is nothing in the project that depends on .NET 4.0

Version 2.0 updates: Support for WP7, cleaned up support for Silverlight. Added new onError callback signature to Register methods for subscribers to hook. Error callback will be invoked when the the mediator goes to dispatch a message to a subscriber with a mismatched callback type. Unit tests added to show how new signature works.

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